Introducing Myself


My name is Stacey Ann Elliott – Nice to meet you! 🙂

>> side note; my name was going to be Anastasia but my Dad didn’t like that name so they settled for Stacey Ann <<

I am 25 years of age and don’t look it, which does make me feel old if I think about it being half way to 50 but I can get away with that I guess as I do have a baby face, or as my nan likes to call it “Pixie Face” *sigh*
I have 8 tattoos {and plan on getting MORE} bright red hair and I classify myself to be quite introvert at the most of times. Animals are a HUGE passion in my life – I have a Pet Sitting/Dog Walking hobby/business and am studying online to gain my Companion Animals cert 4. I am a movie addict ESPECIALLY horror/thriller; I do enjoy action, comedy, children/disney movies and the odd romantic. I am an avid PenPaler and have several overseas and Australian pen pal friends whom I LOVE TO BITS

My parents are divorced; my dad re-married and had two children whom are my step siblings, Zoe – 14 and Peter – 10 {OMG where has the time gone!} My mum did re-marry also but later divorced and currently is not involved with anyone.

I am engaged to the MOST LOVING man on this planet, Ben. We have been together for almost 8 years {this August} and we live together with our fur baby, Axle – he is a 2 year old fawn pug to whom is a complete mammas boy to say the least and yes, I do spoil him – my excuse is that dogs are only here for a short period of our lives {which is totally unfair!} and they deserve to be spoilt every single day of their lives so I don’t see any other option 🙂


So that’s a little about me – there’s more to come.
I hope you stick around and see what I have planned for this blog.
I plan to pretty much write about anything and everything, there’s not going to be a set out theme for this blog as I dabble in a lot of different things so expect to see posts about makeup, stationary, pen palling, animals, travelling, home decor, food, skin care products, technology, product reviews ect 🙂 hope to see you on this journey!!!



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