Gloomy Cold Day?

So I am currently sitting under a heated blanket with a pug slouched on my lap as It’s currently a gloomy, rainy, yucky weather day here in Western Sydney, Australia right now and I think someone said it will be allllllll week… I hope they’re wrong!
Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t mind this type of weather when I can stay in bed or snuggled up on the lounge all day in my PJs with Axle and/or Ben watching movies and drinking tea but we can’t have everything.

So what better to do on a day like this? COLOUR IN!
Yes you heard me right, **colour in**

I have a slight obsession with adult colouring books {however, some will say different}
and not one book is fully done! I know, I have a problem **face palm**
I see a cute nature/animal book and I HAVE to have it haha.


This is my current situation! It doesn’t actually look like heaps here in this photo but whatever. Some I haven’t even started yet and others I’ve done a few full pages and others I’ve started the pages but haven’t even finished, like their partially done, haha.

Listed from left to right: {all websites below are the Australian version}


These are my obsession!! I love these pens and pencils, they’re my holy grail!

The pencils are Derwent and they were Bens but they ended up collecting dust in the corner of his room so I purchased them off him like 6 or so years ago and put them to good use. These were very expensive I remember him saying. I LOVE THESE!! I fell inlove. Anyone knows what a good brand Derwent is, great colour pigmentation, great quality and super smooth. {I could not find a link for this exact set online other than 72 pack ones and this one is a 120 pack.}

The top centre pens are Staedtler Fibre Tips – I have had these for at least 4 years and they are still as good as the day I bought them, they are so smooth, great pigmentation, they are sort of like a texta but not as thick in my opinion, better, as you can control the thickness and how hard you push for the colour yet you still have control over the pen at keeping in the lines!

The middle centre pens are Stabilo Point 88 Mini – These are great for the little ones {or people with small hands} They are still great thin/fine pens that glide smoothly and give great pigmentation given that these pens are so thin and fine. I have had these for about 4 years also but some haven’t lasted as long as other colours which is expected due to them being a MINI size. I don’t overly like the size, I would prefer the normal sized ones and if you are using them for a long period of time they can feel uncomfortable after a while. None the less they are still a great pen no doubt.

The bottom left pens are Stabilo Point 88 Neon – These are still the great thin pens that glide smoothly, give great pigmentation they also give that look of a thin highlighter almost and are still going strong 4 years later.

The bottom right pens are some of the Stabilo Point 88 Assorted pens. These come in a pack which does include the neon ones but I bought these individually.
These too are a great thin pen that glide smoothly, give great pigmentation and are too going strong 4 years later.


This is my current favourite colouring book at the moment 🙂

So if you enjoy colouring and being creative colour wise then I recommend you get some adult colouring books – You wont regret it 😉


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