My Absence


(image not mine – from google)

Where have I been?
So I know some of you may be wondering where I have been and whether I am still posting (well I’m hoping some..) but I have been dealing with some personal issues for about 3-4 months now I suppose, some of you who are close to me will know the details and things but basically, it’s my mum and if I were to say it’s not hard, then I’d be lying.. It’s been difficult but I have my family and close friends whom are there for me. I am not going to go into details or anything of what’s happened (so please don’t ask) because I feel like that’s a little inappropriate and very personal but let’s just say she has been in hospital for about 4 or maybe more months now. She’s okay and better, but it’s been a long time without any progress in general, set backs and close calls but she’s okay and things are finally starting to happen, thank god! finally! Some life changes that are in progress currently to improve her life as much as can be done so I will post again soon I just have obviously been busy dealing with that as best as I can and trying to stay positive and get along with my life daily. Hope you guys understand.
Thank you again for all who have been there, we appreciate it!

Till next time *kiss* xx


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